The topic involving mommy makeover safety protocols is quite extensive and “hifalutin” and so leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley has only focused on the most important issues, which he has explained on his recent Snapchat videos.


The celebrity plastic surgeon regularly posts videos and images involving different plastic surgery procedures on his Snapchat account and other social media platforms as a way to help raise patient awareness and safety.


mommy makeover safety


(Note: Mommy makeover is a combination of body contouring surgeries that reverse the effects of pregnancy. Arguably, the most common “combo procedure” is tummy tuck with some type of breast enhancement, or liposuction.)


Dr. Smiley, a board-certified plastic surgeon who has performed thousands of mommy makeover surgeries, says the first step to ensure patient safety is to conduct lab screening.


The extent or “specifics” of lab screening may depend on the medical history of the patient; hence, no one should hide or omit any part of this critical information to avoid complications or less than optimal results.


Dr. Smiley says that after passing his lab screening, his board-certified anesthesiologist also conducts his own physical exam to further ascertain that the patients are healthy enough to sustain the surgery and its ensuing recovery.


To further ensure mommy makeover safety, he oversees his four surgery center facilities, all of which have been fully accredited by state health regulators. Accreditation means that they adhere to the strictest patient safety standards; are staffed by licensed medical practitioners; and follow the guidelines to prevent infection and contamination.


Even the ventilation systems of his four accredited facilities are designed to curb air-borne pathogens, says Dr. Smiley.


One of the challenges of mommy makeover or any multiple surgeries procedure is the increased bleeding. Hence, Dr. Smiley may use an equipment called Cell Saver, which is particularly helpful in large volume liposuction.


Cell Saver collects the red blood cells from the fluids removed during liposuction so these can be re-infused into the patients and thus no significant blood loss has occurred. Ultimately, they experience quicker recovery and avoid lethargy and dizziness, which usually follow after a multiple plastic surgery procedure.