Body Sculpting

After Gastric Bypass Surgery


Following gastric bypass recovery, many patients notice excessive amounts of loose, hanging skin. For patients with a long history of obesity, this is a magnified possibility. And, because gastric bypass often provides more rapid weight loss results than other bariatric procedures, individuals who have undergone this surgery may experience the inconvenience of sagging skin faster than other post-bariatric patients.

When this occurs, many patients opt to undergo one or more additional procedures to remove the extra skin via a body sculpting or skin tightening procedure.

For instance, many former gastric bypass patients elect to undergo body sculpting procedures such as:

Alternately, a total body lift is often requested by patients with an extreme excess of skin. This can address all of the aforementioned areas with the convenience of a single procedure.

Although "body sculpting" implies that fat is removed during these procedures, they are also effective ways for gastric bypass patients to reduce hanging body skin. If you are a post-bariatric patient who does not need to have fat removed, Dr. Smiley will simply utilize the chosen procedure to reduce unwanted skin. This can optimize the results of your original surgery, helping you to move closer to attaining the appearance you hoped for all along.


For some patients, hanging facial skin may be an additional concern. If this is the case for you, a face lift (rhytidectomy) can be performed. This can not only eliminate sagging skin - if you would like, it can also tighten the facial muscles to help you attain a younger appearance. For patients who are already experiencing the visible signs of aging, this can be a supplementary advantage.


While monitoring your weight loss progress, Dr. Smiley will advise you regarding the appropriate time to undergo any of the above procedures. Occasionally, some patients also opt to undergo liposuction (lipoplasty) in areas where concentrated fat remains. This can also be discussed with Dr. Smiley.

While attending your complimentary consultation to discuss gastric bypass, we will gladly field inquiries regarding post-bariatric surgery. Or, if you are already a gastric bypass patient of our practice, feel free to ask Dr. Smiley about these matters.

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